What Can I Buy My Friend For Her Birthday?

Ses a girl
Shes going to be 14
Im also a girl
I want to buy her something small
No mire than 8 pounds
Something shell use and like
Material ideas rather than days out
Any ideas would b great xx

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6 Responses to “What Can I Buy My Friend For Her Birthday?”

  1. Angelina says:

    itunes vouvcher? amazon vouvher?
    Is she part of any fandom? Does she love a particular book/movie? Maybe by her some merhandise, like say she loves harry potter, by her like a cheap gryffndor scarf on ebay or whatever.
    Food or sweets maybe? chocolate? Make her a cake and a card?
    Buy her clothing acessories, like hats or pretty bracelets? Does she have a harm bracelet?Buy her more charms for it…..or make her a bracelet…
    Buy her a cinema voucher?
    Buy her a book?
    Buy her something for her room, I dunno, like a picture frame and then stick a photo of the two of you in it or something. What about a nice cushion maybe?
    Does she play an instrument? Maybe by her a song book or something like that?
    Buy her something she could learn to do thats funny, like buy her juggling balls and give her a link to a youtube instructor video, or maybe buy her a tin whistle, or baking tools (icing bags or something maybe, or a cake stand…i dunno),or origami paper and instructions or something else she could learn.
    Does she like stationary? You an buy some really cute little rubbers and things, or maybe cool pens? My cousin has these metallic felt tip pens, but then they leave an outline of colour, its kinda hard to explain, but they are really cool and a great present.
    Is she artistic? Buy her a new sketch pad or paint or something.
    Go down to your local charity shop and just have a look, you will find so much crazy awesome stuff! And its dead cheap too.
    You could maybe buy her one of those oxfam gift aid presents, where the present is something like chickens, or clean water, or stationary for a family living in poverty in a developing country.
    Does she like cuddly toys? You get her a little cute one for her room?
    You could put together with her other friends and buy her a really cool onesie or something like that? lols
    You could buy her a tote bag with her favourite band on it maybe.
    Is there a hobby she is really passionate about? You could just buy her a gift related to it, e.g. if she loves photography, buy her a photo album.
    hope i helped!

  2. Day says:

    what ever she likes most. A pen, set of handkerchief, a small handy purse. Any utility item.

  3. fragile. says:

    I think that you should create a video with her favorite music and all your photos! She’s going to be a great idea!

  4. Ian says:

    Buy her a yaoi manga. She’ll like that.

  5. ellet. says:

    a cute organizer with calenders and note papers, i always loved those at that age 🙂

  6. Lonelyta says:

    a diary maybe..??
    or..music box..

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