What can i buy to listen to ATC towers in the UK like heathrow?

I am a flight enthusiast and very interested in things like plane spotting, Mostly i go to heathrow airport and notice some people make videos and they have ATC sounds as well as the jets so i was wondering what device i would need to do this, and also could i use it to listen to ATC when i am at home. I live in Oxford about 60 miles from heathrow.
I found this device (llink below) on the web and wondered if this would do the trick for both home use and use when im next to the airport. I also wondered how i can get recording of the ATC sounds.

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2 Responses to “What can i buy to listen to ATC towers in the UK like heathrow?”

  1. 203 says:

    You want/need and airband scanner and the Maycom AR108 is just fine for that job.

  2. theSebster says:

    I just want to point out that it is actually illegal to listen to ATC in the UK if you do not have a valid license. It is unlikely that you will get into trouble for just monitoring the ATC frequencies, but you would technically be breaking the law, so keep your receiver out of sight from police officers and airport security.

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