What Can I Do If An Airline Canceled My Ticket?

I am at a loss what to do here in this situation. We had two vouchers from US Airways for $200 each for really messing up on flight last year. Fast forward almost a year later, we decided this was probably just a one-time thing and decided to use the vouchers to fly down to Jacksonville.
On March 20, I bought two tickets for $164.60 each including the vouchers and then the night before our flight (April 19) I went to check in online to select our seats and pay for baggage (the normal to-do within 24 hours of your flight). I received a technical error and a number to call support. I called in to see if they could maybe check us in on the phone. When I called in, I gave the guy our confirmation codes for the tickets we bought and he told us my ticket had been canceled! Well, no one here canceled my ticket. Now the airline made me pay an extra $290 (total of $454.60) for a ticket I paid $164.60 (and that still hadn’t been refunded from this “cancellation” they claim) to fly.
I am livid! Less than 12 hours before my flight I’m told I don’t have a ticket because of an error on their part! They say someone called in April, 15 and canceled the ticket, but when I asked who did this, they said “we have no record of who did this.” Isn’t that a little sketchy to you? The only thing I can think of is that Monday was when everything happened in Boston and people called in to cancel their tickets and somehow mine was accidentally canceled instead.
Anyway, now I’m at a loss of how to handle this. US Airways only has a customer service department that works through email and I have tried emailing twice to get a phone call from them, but keep getting generic responses that have nothing to do with my complaint.

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  1. C.M. C says:

    Sugarswe, it was on you to ask the agent why were the tickets canceled? We don’t know how to answer you. We are not the airline. As for the Boston situation being a possible excuse, not on. Present yourself at a US Airways service counter at the airport and state your case and demand answers.
    Being a NICEY NICEY will get you know where, be formidable, and demand answers.

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