What Can I Do In The Car??? :d?

Okay so I am going on a 9 HOUR car drive in 1 week.I am 13 and i need some ideas of what to do please.I dont have a portable dvd player or an i phone or an i pad but i have a really old ipod and a 25 euro voucher for it.PLEASE HELP!!!!!!xxx

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One Response to “What Can I Do In The Car??? :d?”

  1. Alison says:

    Maybe stay up really late the night before so that you’ll be able to sleep for a while in the car.
    Download a new movie onto your iPod. Also download more songs.
    Bring a good book to read (unless you get motion sick easily).
    If you have siblings, you could bring a deck of cards to play go fish or war.
    Bring paper, pencils, etc. so you can draw or write.

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