What can i do to prolong the life of my laptop and make sure performance is top notch?

I am getting a new laptop:

As the one i currently have is really old and worn out. I was asking around and i was told that in order to make sure this laptop lasts a long time i should
-buy a cooler mat so it doesn’t reach high temperatures.
-defrag every single week to ensure it stays smooth
-charge overnight so that in the day i won’t have the laptop plugged in mains 24-7- i was also told to remove the battery and just keep the power plugged in instead of always having it plugged in
clean the registry every two weeks.

if you can recommend anything else that can i can use or do i would highly appreciate

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2 Responses to “What can i do to prolong the life of my laptop and make sure performance is top notch?”

  1. Luke S. says:

    Bob here offers solid advice. You could also try running a utility like CCleaner. I will post a link.

    He is right about having a cooling pad for the laptop. They overheat. Especially if they are an ultrabook or a laptop with a powerful cpu/gpu.

  2. Bob says:

    yeah you need a cooler mat or get a laptop fan, defrag it and clean registry and if you dont have cooler mat as of yet, dont use the laptop on materials, ie dont put on your bed as it absorbs the heat underneath laptop and gets really hot but i suggest laptop fan and defrag and delete unwanted programmes

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