What Can I Do To Prolong The Life Of My Laptop And Make Sure Performance Is Top Notch?

I am getting a new laptop:http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B009R…
As the one i currently have is really old and worn out. I was asking around and i was told that in order to make sure this laptop lasts a long time i should
-buy a cooler mat so it doesn’t reach high temperatures.
-defrag every single week to ensure it stays smooth
-charge overnight so that in the day i won’t have the laptop plugged in mains 24-7- i was also told to remove the battery and just keep the power plugged in instead of always having it plugged in
clean the registry every two weeks.
if you can recommend anything else that can i can use or do i would highly appreciate it.

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  1. Daryl Magdaraog says:

    Search about your laptop battery if it can be calibrated, calibrating help your laptop batter last long, i have my macbook pro so how many years and one’s a month i calibrate it and until now the life span is 6hrs 100% full. And don’t charge your laptop overnight it’s not good in battery your burning it.

  2. 203 says:

    Cooler mats are unnecessary. Computers have adequate cooling built in. Cooler mats are just an opportunity for accessory manufacturers to make more money.
    Routine defragmantation of the hard drive is good.
    Decide how you are going to use the computer. If you are going to use it in the home on mains power all the time, then completely removing the battery is a good idea. Constant and over charging of the battery shortens it’s useful life and when you do need it the run time will be lower than it could be.
    Clearing out accumulated rubbish and before you defragment is good too. A program like CCleaner is useful here.
    Make a system recovery CD and/or do a full back up of the new computer shortly after first switch on. If you intend on keeping it for years, you might reach a time when simply just reinstalling the operating system or taking the computer back to “fresh out of the box” condition is a good idea. I had my last computer for about 7 years and did a clean reinstallation of Windows on it at least a couple of times. That really does breath new life into an old computer.

  3. starpc11 says:

    Keep it clean of dust electronics worst enemy, run anti virus and spyware scans every other week so much malware online , disk cleanup and temp file cleanup these files build up and make the laptop slow ,keep it away from liquids , you know battery discharge itself if left from it’s charger for a long time , run it on battery every now and then and recharge it if taken the battery out leave it out for a short term, run chkdsk every alternate month to insure the hdd is stable , and mainly check the vents for any type of blockage

  4. 1FreeRad says:

    >> buy a cooler mat so it doesn’t reach high temperatures.
    – Don’t need it. Laptops have fans adequate for their design and some of those aftermarket things actually make things worse by blowing in the the wrong direction. (If the laptop is trying to blow out a vent then you shouldn’t be blowing into it.)
    – Just make sure the vents are never blocked. (That means NOT placed on a bed or a pillow etc.. – put something hard between it and the soft surface. (I use a small cutting board)
    – In some cases (some models) installing taller feet can help the air flow. (Stick-on from Walmart or where ever.).
    >> defrag every single week to ensure it stays smooth
    – Too often. That advice is like from Windows 98. Modern file systems do much better and once every 3 or 4 months is more than enough. For an average user (few hours a day) once a year is enough.
    – Along with that make sure you don’t fill your drive to over 85% full. Drives use the spare area to ‘bounce’ things around (always, but especially during a defrag) and with less than 15% free it will begin to get slow. With less than 10% it will be an absolute dog and might not even run.
    >> charge overnight so that in the day i won’t have the laptop plugged in mains 24-7.
    – Not a big deal but it is a tad better on it to charge when you aren’t using it too.
    >> i was also told to remove the battery and just keep the power plugged in instead.
    – Will make the battery last longer in the long run and no ill effects on the main unit.
    >> Clean the registry every two weeks.
    – WAY too often. Once a year is good unless you are having issues.
    – Registry Cleaners are semi-dangerous and can easily screw things up beyond repair.
    (DON’T do it when you’re tired or 1/2 asleep! – If some option doesn’t make sense then google it!)
    Periodically clean out all your temp files, cookies, internet history and the recycle bin.
    Once a week for THAT is a good idea.
    Once a year (or two) disassemble as far as you can and clean the dust bunnies out of the inside.
    The common alternative to that is to spray canned air through the vents but that can drive dust bunnies into corners or heatsinks or fans where they cause problems you didn’t have before.
    If you are afraid to disassemble and only going to do it through vents then use a VACUUM – do the vents it blows OUT of first – have everything off or out (HDD, DVD, etc..) that you can to let air in.
    – Don’t blow INTO the thing! – DUMB idea that has gotten popular.
    Li-Ion laptop batteries are generally only good for 3 to 5 years and they will go bad whether you use them or not. It’s due to the chemicals breaking down with time. Nothing can be done about that.
    That said, if you treat them well then you are more likely to get the 5 years use than the 3.
    When you pull it to store it put 90-100% charge on it and keep someplace cool. 59°F is the ideal temp so a fridge 35-40°F is actually further off ideal than normal room temp. – Mostly just don’t stick it on a heater vent or in a window (sun). – Stored batteries should be run-down and and recharged to the 90-100% at least once a year to keep them alive. Once every 6 months is better but more often has no real benefit. (Just don’t forget!)

  5. Victoria says:

    your on the money there with everything that you just said make sure to get anti virus software too and only use websites and programmes you can trust i would also make sure you will be the only person using the laptop and make sure you enjoy your new laptop too

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