What can i use to keep a strong magnet stuck?

I want to buy some strong magnets to stick to my touch to stick it onto parts of cars so i can have light. my touch didnt come with my touch so i want to have this as many others do. What can iuse to attach the magnets?

The magnets i will buy are these or these (are they good enough?):



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One Response to “What can i use to keep a strong magnet stuck?”

  1. Damon says:

    Interesting idea.
    Maybe some sticky double sided foam tape similar to that produced by 3M.

    Thought that enters my mind is that if you have a strong magnet attached to your phone, is there a risk that you will erase the magnetic stripes on your credit cards, pass cards, debit cards, driver license etc. when you drop your phone in your purse?

    Also will you be dragging out your lipstick, compact, glasses frames, nail file or other steel containing objects when you pull your phone out of your purse?

    Maybe a car phone holder is a better answer

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