What Can My Sister Get Me For Christmas? I Have No Idea?

I’m 22 – female
I have all the clothes I want, bath stuff and jewellery
My sister has asked what she can get me and I have nothing in mind.
No voucher.gift cards for stores either.
I’m quite a girly girl

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One Response to “What Can My Sister Get Me For Christmas? I Have No Idea?”

  1. D R says:

    What is your living situation? Are you still living with your parents; in your own apartment; off at college….?
    How old is your sister and what is her budget?
    I’m a lot older then you but I still get asked by my mother and brothers for ideas for Christmas and what I do is keep a list of things I want/ need/ and don’t need and I list ideas in all price ranges. For example something I don’t need is perfume, I’ve been given so much I can’t use it all. Other things I might list might be; a subscription to a magazine(s) I like; something for my kitchen; computer stuff; music; candles; shoes; something I might collect….. and then I give it to them, in addition to things I circle in catalogs and let them pick and surprise me.

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