What can police do to trace top up vouchers for mobile phone?

The police are investigating a 7mnth long case of harassment on me of which I have had to change my mobile number 5 times. They are now doing mobile forensic analysis. It’s a pay as you go sim that is being used. I don’t understand why they can’t trace the top up voucher and link to place and possibly CCTV to give a lead. Anyone know how or wether they can/ should do this. Shouldn’t the provider be able trace back a voucher to a certain shop? Or am I naive.
Thanks Joe, but I know all that, I’m sure the police have tried to trace but if they have the phone switched off and are savvy enough to keep changing the sim it seems they can get away with it. That’s why my question is about vouchers specifically. Thanks for your kind comments though.

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One Response to “What can police do to trace top up vouchers for mobile phone?”

  1. Joe says:

    Have patience my friend. The police are possibly doing all they can to track it. At times they investigate for years before they finally lay charges. Yours must be similar. And the answer to the question is yes they can track it in a matter to minutes, including satellite location of the caller.
    Just a matter of time unless the person or group doing this have created untraceable fake identification documents, which is a serious crime in itself.
    Please make sure you do not take it too seriously. Just take it easy on yourself. One in every three people has had some form of harassment meted out to them at some point in their life.
    Hope it helped mate. Good luck.

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