What can the school do if my kids dont have the correct uniform for secondary school?

Their uniform costs are extortionate and i am buying for two kids so it’s double the cost. I am buying the blazers from Marks Spencer as its cheaper and I plan to put the school logo badge on it if it is available. Can u believe its £32 for a track suit for an 11 year old. The track suit is a shell suit with a logo but theyve said I can just get black track suit. So I’ve bought a plain black one obviously its not a shell suit cos i cant find em anywhere, would that be a problem? They’ve asked for football boots, shin pads, trainers it all adds up so what if I cant afford all the exact things they ask for?

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  1. Brownie says:

    I work in a school. First thing to do is to speak to the school. Some schools have spare uniforms for parents who cannot afford it, accidents in school with uniform etc. SOme may have funds that you can take advantage of if you do not qualify for local authority assistance.

    Before buying the blazer, check that the logo is available. My school logo is not available without purchasing the "official" blazer.

    If you are unable to buy the uniform before the first day of term go with your child to school. Try to arrive before school start time and ask to speak to someone. Hopefully they wll assist you with a solution to the problem.

    Please do not be embarassed, I feel that uniform prices are extortionate. Any good school will be considerate and hopefully this will prevent your children from being sent home. The problem is that if they are not in uniform they are breaking school rules.

  2. jock Mc doogle says:

    you will be put in the stocks for a day then sent into exile for the whole of the school term

  3. cleocat says:

    Send them home



    It’s just not on though is it……….I know someone with 3 kids I’m surprised she’s not had to sell herself!

  4. jacqueline e says:

    They can send children home if they do not comply with uniform regulations. There are grants available to low income families for essential uniform items, have you tried to apply. I know it seems unfair about the uniform, some schools run a swap service, could try that. I had 4 children so understand what you are going through.

  5. JOHN G says:

    when I were in school (10 years ago) it was detention… I don’t think its so strict any more, although my younger cousin got sent home last year because he has tramlines in his hair, yet they allow hair dye…

  6. mamgu....... says:

    they will send them home, again and again and if you do not get the right uniform they may even suspend them, possibly go further depends on the school.

  7. helen b says:

    if you talk in confidence to the head, they may be able to help. lots of schools have a "shop" where outgrown items of uniform can be either bought or donated. Most schools are sympathetic and want to help if possible.

  8. madge says:

    It depends how strict theschool are about uniform, the main problem is other kids taking the mickey. I Know how you feel, my 2 children go to a secondary school where the uniform is only available from 1 local outlet, shirts etc are cheap enough elsewhere, the skirt is £30.00 blazer almost £50.00 and the awful acrylic jumpers with school badge are £20.00.
    Sports world is great for football boots etc, i got my kids boots for £3.00.and trainers are v cheap too,

  9. Clint says:

    refer your family to social services-plenty hand outs are given by the government to families these days.Smoke/drink less if you waste money there.

  10. Moofies Mom says:


    I can really sympathise with you on this one!!

    My kids have to get their uniforms from one shop in the area that has a monopoly on the uniforms and subsequently charges extortionate prices.

    But ..

    .. thirty two quid, THIRTY TWO QUID for a tracksuit??!!!

    Gee whiz!!

    I just get the cheapest stuff that I can. In fact the last shoes I got for one of my kids – I got for a tenner at a car boot sale and he’s asked if we can get any more this summer for when he goes back!

    When my first born started secondary school, part of her uniform was a ‘lab apron’. So being the dutiful parents we got everything she needed! This has been passed down them all, and I’m now left with only one in secondary school (year 9 when he goes back), and you know what? Not one of them has EVER used it!! And I bet it was over a tenner!

    Fancy opening a school uniform empire with me??!!

    LOL !!

  11. BeetleFace says:

    At my school they asked us to have leotards hockey boots socks a skirt a topand shin pads.

    I got a leotard and never used it.

    All we ever needed were shorts top and trainers.

    You can always send a note with your child saying he doesnt have all the uniform he needs.

    And maybe complain to the school council.

    Everything helps.

  12. supercuelsassy says:

    they will suspend your child and think that you are an irresposible parent.

  13. inapix says:

    I think they can send your kids home.
    However, they do give out grants to help with uniform and school fees. You should get information / a leaflet about grants when you sign up for the school and when you pay the school fees. Otherwise just contact the school’s Bursar (if you can’t find him, your child’s teacher might be able to help).
    Most schools also have a second hand clothing sale before the start of school, and you can get school uniform ALOT cheaper here, and it will still be in very good condition. Also the advantage of this is that it is exactly the right stuff (e.g. with the logo on etc.). When your kids have grown out of stuff you can also sell it back here to get some of the price back.
    Have you considered selling their old uniform to their old school’s secondhand uniform shop?

    Hope this helps =D

  14. worriedmum says:

    Talk to the school and let them know the reason you have high street alternatives to the school uniform. Officially all uniform in state school should have a high street alternative. Many schools are trying to insist that you have the badged jumper etc. Mine go to school in the plain Asda version and the head mistress and teacher know why……..

    We are not taking the mickey out of the school uniform policy, but just doing the best we can. Our school if very reasonable about it. You will probably find that if you speak calmly and explain the situation they will be ok. However if your kid is in branded trainnors etc and you are taking them out of school on holiday all the time they are less supportive (my sister found that out to her cost!!)

  15. sweet16whatever says:

    at my school if you don’t have the correct p.e. uniform it is detention, and exclusion until you do have the right uniform for the actualy uniform. however, i’m sure they if on the first day of term you make an arrangement to see the year head or depty then they will be sympathetic and will understand.

  16. Em says:

    Ask at the school if anyone one co-ordinates resale of second hand uniforms (and if not perhaps you could start next year). If not maybe put some wanted ads up. Shell suits, next time maybe check ebay they have some. Again ebay for the shin pads, or join up to freecycle (yahoo groups), we got free shin pads from there

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