What can you tell me about these telephoto lenses?

There are two I’m looking at:



And 3X:


What do you think of them? I want to know what sort of quality I could expect. Should I go for the 3X or 2X? Give me advice please. Thank you.





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2 Responses to “What can you tell me about these telephoto lenses?”

  1. JAMES D says:

    You can buy things similar to this for SLR lenses, though for SLR lenses they sit between the camera and lens, not over the end. Regardless, they have a negative effect on image quality, but by a varying degree.
    They also can make the image somewhat darker and I imagine it’d be no different here. Not so much of an issue, but it means that shutter speeds are affected, ie slower so you need to keep your eye on them when using the extender. You may find you need a tripod more often.
    Of the two you link to, I’d suggest the 3X, for 2 reasons. 1st, if you’re going to get one you may as well get one that really pushes the limit. 2nd, it says it’s made by Tokina who are a lens manufacturer and quite a decent one at that, so it’s likely to be as well made as these things can be.

  2. fhotoace says:

    The links don’t work

    The "x" value of an interchangeable lens means nothing in the world of 35 mm SLR’s or DSLR’s

    My best, and one the the most expensive I own, is a 1x, the 400 mm f/2.8. On the other hand the most versatile lens I own is an 11x lens … the 18-200 mm VR

    Look at the focal lengths and see if they suit the subjects you shoot.

    If these are generic "add-on" lenses, the 2x will have less edge softness and colour aberrations than the 3x. The other issue is depending upon which lens you attach it, will give you varying results. Better to not buy these on line … Test before buying … better to save your pennies and buy the right lens one time.

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