What Case To Get For An Iphone 4s?

I’m getting an iPhone 4s next year, and really want to protect it. What case should I get? I want to get this:http://www.amazon.co.uk/JAMMYLIZARD-Seri…
Should I get it? If not can anyone recommend some cheap but good cases to protect it? (£20 or less)
I’ll be 14 when I get it, I need it to be cool, not weird

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3 Responses to “What Case To Get For An Iphone 4s?”

  1. Best says:

    You can go to best case mall.

  2. bhim says:

    the case which has still color and nice to look from outside, where everyone will say wow! what a superb iphone 4s. All cases are not original, so you must to find original case, where you can get it in the iphone case shop which shop has certified for iphone cases.

  3. Walt says:

    i can’t open the link you lead to, but if you want good iphone 4s case, you can’t miss the onecase.co.uk

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