What colour duvet and curtains would look good with this wallpaper?

I’m having one wall of my bedroom with this wallpaper on http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-LUXURY-MURIVA-BOOKCASE-SHELVES-LIBRARY-EMBOSSED-VINYL-10M-WALLPAPER-F92328-/151044805024?pt=UK_Wallpaper&hash=item232af8d1a0
And the other walls painted a warm neutral colour- http://www.dulux.co.uk/colours/neutral/#natural_hessian
What colour duvet, pillows and curtains would look good with it? I want my room to look warm but not too dark.
My carpet is plain and a light neutral colour as well so there’ll be no colour clashes with that.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated and thanks in advance!

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One Response to “What colour duvet and curtains would look good with this wallpaper?”

  1. Louise Smith says:

    How about white/cream or ivory for your bed. I have a browny colour bedroom and have a white duvet and pillow set, I have a nice lacy pattern on it so it’s not boring.
    Also maybe try to find a curtain that match the bookshelf wallpaper as it will have a nice contrast with the light walls.
    You could even have a wooden or brown blind instead of curtains

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