What colour shoes should I buy to go with this purple dress?


I need help to decide what colour shoes i should get to go with the dress!
It’s for my prom which is on the 1st July!
Please Help!

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5 Responses to “What colour shoes should I buy to go with this purple dress?”

  1. Chan w says:

    Woaaaah, whatt’a pretty dress! 🙂 x

    Without a doubt plain black!

    Purple would be too purple :’) haha! And black and purple would be to cutesy/matchy.

  2. Kristical says:

    Black heels to link with the black in the dress?
    It’s really pretty btw 🙂

  3. Sahili says:

    black stilettos. some strappy ones, not pumps.

  4. Mr May says:

    Patin black try and get a purple sole

  5. David Smith says:


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