What could be added to this ebay listing for a better chance to sell and attract more people?


I think its kinda nice, espiecially as the layout was fully created by me, but what could I add to the display/title to attract more people?


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4 Responses to “What could be added to this ebay listing for a better chance to sell and attract more people?”

  1. Ribéry♥ says:

    I think it needs explaining a little more, it comes accross as if it is a little xmas tree that you plug into the usb or summat! (first answerer seems to agree). You could put a christmassy border around the page, i think ebay have some premade ones that you can add to the listing.

  2. prr says:

    This line comes out blurred, with letters seen on top of each other (I am viewing in FF 3.0.5):
    screen and the lights flash as if it was real. You can choose where it goes by dragging it and you can also use it to customize your desktop time (change the look). The tr

    I only could decipher the text after pasting it into the Yahoo Answers window.

    Apart from that it looks pretty good.

    I’d also try giving some other info, such as size, batteries needed, number of lights, type of lights (can your customers replace broken lights with others lying around their house, etc.). Overall, an attractive layout.

  3. ♥Info Lady♥ says:

    Nice, James, but why are only some of the words capitalized. To make it more professional looking, I would capitalize all the christmas tree’s names. Good Luck! =]

  4. kksmoothie says:

    idk .

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