What could Marks&Spencer do to improve there sales?

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8 Responses to “What could Marks&Spencer do to improve there sales?”

  1. Jill Pinky says:

    From a fashion point of view, stop trying to cater for size 10 teens, the majority of who would not want to shop in Marks&Spencer. Mostly they want designer labels and find Marks&Spencer not ‘cool’ enough. Try to target size 16 and overs with lots of choice.

  2. Cyclone Ranger ♂ says:

    first, they could learn how to spell their.

  3. cherryredsugar says:

    Advertise more.


  4. Rebecca says:

    they could have more reasonable prices

  5. Casa Hiedra says:

    THEIR sales not there sales – dimwit!

  6. S says:

    never heard of them

    guess that could be a problem

  7. RAINBOW says:

    I think they have the right products advertising etc,not many staff though,its frustrating in there when you need assistance,so many people just walk out.

  8. john m says:

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