What Could These Two Weird Dreams Last Night Mean Or Represent?

Dream 1 :
Someone I really care about (although I don’t know who it was) got captured by this guy and he said the only way I could get the person back was to feel some pain in my life and he said I had to sacrifice one of my eyes. He was contacting me through a watch with cameras but some really hi-tech watch. Due to this I went and got another eye made because I really wanted to rescue this person. I went to this place where there was loads of people that I knew in the dream but not in real life. I looked at the watch and shouted at the guy to on the other end to look at me in the eye and do it. This red beam of light shone out of the watch and made this really high pitched noise and was burning my pupil, I started to scream and couldn’t deal with the pain so I looked away and gave up. In the end I got a rescue team together and went to the guys house in order to rescue the person he had captured but he was waiting with a message and he said you don’t think I was stupid enough to keep them here do you so we all stood around really confused but then we went to the other place and we managed to rescue the person after I had a fight with the guy who took them.
Dream 2 :
I was out with my family and I saw my old child-minder with her family and there was a fishing competition. We all put out jackets on a bench and I also put my shirt and some people were digging through them so I grabbed mine because I didn’t want them touching them. As we walked into a shopping centre I heard my child-minders sister talking about drugs, we got into the shopping centre and I thought I had left my shirt on the bench so I ran back to get it but realised I already had it so I ran back to the shopping centre. For some random reason I had won a £5000 off voucher for this flower shop which I gave to my child-minders sisters son and daughter. I then had pictures of a dog on my phone and was showing my mum and brother.
What could either of these dreams, serious answers only please.
Much appreciated and thanks in advance.

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One Response to “What Could These Two Weird Dreams Last Night Mean Or Represent?”

  1. Rhiannon says:

    Both dreams mean you are worried about stuff, but to what you dont know yet

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