What Deals are Available On Sim free phones?

I am eager to know about the deals on Sim Free mobile Phones. I am also not much aware of the sim free mobile phones real meaning. Is it the mobile phone free of the networks and i can use any of the network on a single mobile phone or the mobile phone is just a CDMA phone in which there is no need to insert the sim card and we can use it with a single network forever with proper recharge?

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3 Responses to “What Deals are Available On Sim free phones?”

  1. JESSICA says:

    simfree means you do not get it with any sim card. it is unlocked to any network and you can use your own network simcard of your own choice and you have no any contract. you have to top up your card prior as much your need.
    CDMA is different thing, with CDMA you can’t use other sim cards and CDMA works only with particular networks that the phone meant to be with that network
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  2. Andrew G says:

    SIM Free means that the phone is supplied without a SIM card and not locked to any network so you can fit a SIM card from the network of your choice and it should work.
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