What different student discounts are out there?

I have and NUS extra card and that’s really good but a lot of shops are not listed. Often shops don’t advertise if they have student discount or not, i want to know what other shops, apart from the ones listed in the NUS, do student discount. Also i have checked online and again it doesn’t always tell you until you buy something at the end but i’m just curious. It would be really helpful thankyou very much for anyone that just answers. <3

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4 Responses to “What different student discounts are out there?”

  1. coldhandshotbodies says:

    Many clothes shop have a discount just for showing a valid student card, usually just 10% but still. I just tend to ask casually at the till. In Newcastle, where there’s two universities therefore a lot of students, we also have student discounts in some restaurants and bars, again we just ask a waiter or someone behind the bar.

  2. Trojanhorse11 says:

    I’m not a student so don’t know

  3. Chris B says:

    if you buy a meal in McDonalds you can show ur NUS card and ask for a free cheeseburger/hamburger or McFlurry n they have to give you one.
    If they say no then ask to speak to the managar and you should get one.
    You can also get other deals like McChicken Sandwich + Fries for £1.99. =)

  4. cattt.x says:

    just ask at shops you buy things in and they’ll tell you whether they do it or not. 🙂

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