What discount airlines fly to Prague from London?

I know easy jet flies. Are there other discount airlines that fly there?

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5 Responses to “What discount airlines fly to Prague from London?”

  1. jml0335 says:

    Easyjet fly 4x daily from Stanstead and Gatwick but you could try BA from Heathrow as they offer flights at competative prices but still give you full service.

  2. Anita Johnson says:

    Ryan Air might. They are cheap

  3. trinitee ^_^ says:

    Easy Jet

  4. mihai L says:

    Czech Airlines

  5. BizTravelMan says:

    Before you go looking around the "discount" airlines try the normal airlines. Czech Airlines from Heathrow will fly you there and back for the sum of £67.10 inclusive, if you get the dates right. Beats going to Luton or worse Stansted and you don’t have to put up with the "No prisoners taken, no quarter given, every man for himself" seating system, either.

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