What discount do police staff get?

I’ve just started working for the police working with the dogs and heard you can get alot of discount in places. Does anyone know where I can get a list of the places or know anywhere that gives discount?
I have asked people and their not sure. I dont think it is abusing my position i’m not a actual police offifer I just work looking after dogs
shoopy your rathr irrate today. its just the same as working in a shop they get up to 50% discount and people still pay full price and students they sit on ther arse most of time and they get disount thrown at them i’m not asking to be greedy and i dont get a hugh wage im only on minumum
thnx for answers im only enquiring i got told my other people working in police dept i would never flash my card for discount. but i worked in a shop and police did get 10% discount and the armed forces did also

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  1. Ian UK says:

    This varies from area to area. Any discounts we get are negotiated by the Police Federation. Any unsolicited discount is classed as a gratuity which is not allowed.

    People may criticise discounts for Police staff but this is the same as any other corporate discount which seems to be allowed for ‘normal’ members of the public that work for big companies…….

  2. Sidney(obviously too)Vicious says:

    Yes you get 100% off speeding and parking fines

  3. Spud Sack says:

    This is known as taking advantage of your position.
    Why dont you ask the people you work with.
    I dont think these discounts you talk of are a perk of the job just abuse of your position

  4. shoopy213@yahoo.co.uk says:

    why should you ??? my and many others tax pays for your needs ?? and to be honest a majority of you flaunt the rules anyway !! get off your butt ,get your hand in your wallet and pay like everyone else !! you get your pentions your sick pay ,doughnut eating time ,coffee breaks .whay are yu so special??

  5. gator says:

    Police don’t get discounts. If they do, they come under scrutiny by their department.

  6. vodkanreb says:

    100% if you go to the police lost prperty 🙂

  7. I.D.N.S.F.G. says:

    It is not taking advantage of her position. Most places get a discount. There are some restaurants and stores that give a discount not strictly to the police department, but to anyone that is employed by the city or even volunteers for the city. Go to your local city hall they will be able to tell you.

  8. totellthetruth8 says:

    Sometimes, apartment complexes and other rental properties offer discounts to policemen (policewomen included in this word), because of the idea of added safety thats gained to their community. Criminals might think twice about trying to break into an area where several policemen live.

    And sometimes municipalities may offer help to policemen, firefighters, and teachers to purchase homes. It’s not a discount, but the home purchasing criteria may be relaxed a little bit to help keep these professionals, who provide great services but are underpaid, in their area.

  9. David H says:

    Police primarily get discounts from restaurants and other shops within the food and entertainment industry. I know police officers as well as firemen get free tickets at the movie theatre. A lot of rental properties offer between 5-10% off if the officer brings their vehicle home with them, because it supposedly acts as a theft deterent. The discounts really depend on your departments policy, for instance the Livermore PD bans any acceptance of gifts or discounts due to the potential abuse, whereas other departments allow you to accept some discounts.

    I would ask a superior to find out what your department views as acceptable, so you do not break any rules. One discount all officers get is at law enforcement products stores. (Where you need to be in law enforcement) Hope it helps.

  10. joe says:

    It is a bad habit to take a discount just because you are a police employee and should not be done. This is the first step in becoming a crooked cop.

  11. Pagan Queen says:

    Many agencys have percs.

    I am Retired, and like you would never flash my badge. Did not when i was on duty, For the Officers they are usually known and get coff, car washes things ike that. But it is usually just done because the citizens know them and want to do something for them for their work.

  12. STAND2 says:

    Most of them are through fear or bullying, but don,t let that bother you,…it dosn,t bother all the other bent cops!

  13. wozza59 says:

    Why have you asked such a silly question?
    If you have started working for the police, why don’t you ask your works’ colleagues?

  14. nosdda says:

    As far as I am aware there are no discounts available for police staff. My son who is in the Met confirms this.

  15. vdv_desantnik says:

    i work in millets, we do a 10% discount for police on any full price items, and its the same in blacks

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