What discount should i receive?

Working for Thomas cook as an employee very soon i am curious what discount will i be receiving for holidays??

Many Thanks

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3 Responses to “What discount should i receive?”

  1. Lala says:

    Im not sure exactly but it should be quite a lot!
    My best friend is an air stewardess for thompson, and i can go to jamaica with her for £100 so you might get discounts for family and friends too!

  2. matthu says:

    You should expect to rec some hotel discounts but unfortunately the airlines don’t reciprocate with agencies,… and also some ,………..some rental cars may acknowledge that you work with the awful public and may give you a break,.!! Have fun it’s $itch working with travelers now a days!! Your brave!! 🙂

  3. Sbh says:

    Ask them!
    It should be stated in your contract. You may have to work for a certain length of time before you are eligible.

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