What Do Buy Dad For Christmas?

Okay, here is the thing; my dad is really nice and all but he is like really picky!
He ONLY wears designer stuff. I mean it! Like none of his tops or pants or PJ’s or watches or shirts or boxers or UNDERWEAR is NOT designer.!!
His entire wardrobe is DESIGNER!!
Like my family is above average right, so like we can afford all of it but my mum doesnt buy deisgner socks!!
My dad does not own anything not designer. Like once, i bought him this shirt from target (:P) that was nice and he was oh this is nice, but he never wore it… NEVER!!!!
My dad loves shopping like seriously! He cant walk past a designer shop saying sale!
I’m only 13…. so i cant afford designer stuff…. obviously… so im not sure what to buy him…. like he has books and stuff
He is a buisness man and 51.
So any ideas?
Should i get him a gift voucher?
But that isnt like full of love. Its like i dont know what u want, so here is some money to buy it.
So I have no idea….

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2 Responses to “What Do Buy Dad For Christmas?”

  1. Patricia says:

    Get him a $25 gift card to his favorite designer stores or something(=
    He’ll like it!

  2. Lily says:

    You are in quite a difficult situation! My dad is the complete same. I once got him a gift voucher for his favourite store and he absolutely loved it as he got to choose something he liked. Gift vouchers may seem like the ‘easy’ option, but really it just allows the person you love to purchase something they will like and when they wear/use/see it, they will think of you.
    On the other hand, if he has a hobby, you could buy him something to do with that particular hobby. For example, if he likes gardening in his spare time, you could by him a cool gardening set or something along those lines.
    Good luck!

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