What Do Christians Say, Is It True That There Story Of Other Gods Were Just Like Jesus?

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6 Responses to “What Do Christians Say, Is It True That There Story Of Other Gods Were Just Like Jesus?”

  1. Benjamin says:

    First of all, one main belief in Christianity, that Jesus is God, came from the concepts in other religions. Just like those religions, the first church in Jerusalem where people who had walked with Jesus, never believed that. Many of the dogmatic doctrines of the Christian church are based on those other stories, with little or no Biblical backing.
    That said, the question is why the stories of these other “gods” were applied to Jesus. Perhaps the answer is found in John 3 when Jesus tells Nicodemus “we tell you of the things on earth and you do not believe…” In our separatist mentality we want to believe that Jesus was talking about the disciples (which in context is clearly not true) or of the prophets. However, considering that the Gospel was better accepted by the Gentiles and Samaritans, and quickly spread throughout the known world, we can assume without harm that God had sent prophets throughout the whole world teaching the same thing and doing the same thing as Jesus.
    So, although videos like this are trying to discredit Christianity, it actually supports the validity of Jesus’ existence and ministry. Perhaps understanding the parable of the servants sent out to invite people to the wedding feast until the son was sent out will now make more sense as well. Seeing that the Son was sent out last, we can see, not only that the servants made the same invitation, but that the Son is the perfect invitation and Way to God.

  2. Kitty says:

    The difference between Jesus was a real being who did miracles in front of many people. The other gods were just imagination. The 3 in 1 is 1 God who has 2 other parts Jesus the Son and the Holy spirit.It’s 3 parts that make 1 God.

  3. Jay L says:

    That is Maher’s opinion, and he is a comedian, not noted for being a deep thinker.

  4. Armor says:

    They are obvious lies of a self-lover like Bill Maher.

  5. Chicago Bob says:

    Why Ray, your still as krazy as ever.

  6. Ricky B says:

    No there is no other God like Jesus. God came sown came down in flesh . God was Jesus.

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