What Do I Do With My Money?

I thought about whether I should ask or not. But I’ve recently had my birthday and obviously Christmas so I had quite a lot of money. I’m 14 and for Christmas I got a brand new tablet running android. After my birthday an Christmas, I have about £227, £130 in cash and just under £100 in voucher for the local shopping centre. I have no idea what to do with it all. Not a clue. I’m single, so I can’t spend it on a girlfriend, any advice would be great

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4 Responses to “What Do I Do With My Money?”

  1. Max Bui says:

    Save it until you need it or will actually know what to buy

  2. Nicolle Evans says:

    save it. you clearly don’t need anything or you would have thought of something; there’s no point just wasting it away because you want to spend money. spend the £100 voucher, sure; get some clothes or whatever, but don’t waste the actual money.

  3. IAN B says:

    The vouchers , I would spend. They normally have an expiry date and there is the possibility that the provider could go bust. So spend them in the sales on stuff you want. Or for family and get them to give you cash in return.
    Cash. Good advice is to save in case you ever need money urgently -rainy day.
    Open a Building Society account and remember to make sure you pay no tax on your interest. Ask for a special form to complete so that tax is not deducted at source.

  4. Jo says:

    Just hang on to it until there is something you really want or need.
    No reason to spend it right now just because you have it.

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