What Do I Get My Brother For His Birthday?

Boys always get like vouchers, after shave, shirts, etc for their birthdays, and I want to get my brother something different! But I honestly don’t have a scooby what to get, he’s going to be 17 and won’t wear beanies or anything *Else I’d have got him a beanie*
He likes ted baker, however that’s quite expensive, and all time low and he’s quite techy and likes xbox and all that shizzle
Any ideas?

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One Response to “What Do I Get My Brother For His Birthday?”

  1. mike says:

    Techy people are easy to shop for, If he has an iPhone, ipad, or iPod get him an iTunes gift card for 15 or 25 bucks if you’re on a budget. You can always get a gift card to GameStop or bestbuy. As a guy gets older it actually becomes fairly easy to shop for them, half the time just giving them the money you would’ve spent on a gift and a bday card is more than enough and means just as much to a guy. Good luck 🙂

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