What Do I Get My Partner (female) For Christmas On £50?

We have two kids. I’m rarely romantic although I recently bought roses…., our money is shared in a joint account. We are skint and I may be able to sneak 50 without her noticing… That’s the score

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5 Responses to “What Do I Get My Partner (female) For Christmas On £50?”

  1. E says:

    A voucher for a store that sells perfumes and cosmetics so she can wander and take her time. Or a clothes store. If money is tight she may not apprec money at a restaurant, she will feel quilty about the children too.

  2. Icekissc… says:

    For £50 you could get her a fair bit
    1. At this time of year grandparents love babysitting their kids. Ask one grandparent to babysit and take your wife out for a meal. She will appreciate that more than anything as housewives rarely get out or spend too much time around kids.
    2. Go to a pawn shop and get her a second hand piece of Jewelry. Wont be gold but thought that counts.
    3. If she’s ever mentioned a fave thing from her childhood, such as a toy or event, find it and buy it/take her to that event so she can relive the child hood dream.
    4. Im not saying spend all your money on this but, buy her a lottery ticket and a card with the inscription ” Ive had all the luck I needed the moment I found you, I just hope this lotto, gives you the same amount of luck you deserve” or something like that
    5. Using a website like last minute.com look for a local hotel that will be cheap in your area as its last minute, and spend a romantic night/weekend away. It may not be far, but a night out with the kids would do you both some good and will be refreshing for the relationship.
    6. Its not romantic, but if shes always moaning about needing a new hoover, get her one. Like I said its not romantic, but from the sound of your partner, she’d rather have the money wasted on something needed than her.

  3. Snootz82 says:

    Maybe you could get her tickets to something e.g. a musical or a trip somewhere. Or you could take her for a meal.

  4. jennifer says:

    Well you could get her an expensive perfume which women enjoy or just take her out to dinner it all depends on the person

  5. nathan says:

    Get a part-time job to complement your income so she doesn’t have to live like a pauper.

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