What do I need to send as proof of no claims discount?

My previous insurance was 100% online. Now I’ve changed company’s they’ve requested proof of no claims discount, and my previous insurance is no longer available to me online. The only paperwork I do have is the renewel letter, can this be used as proof of no claims discount?

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  1. Ben Channon says:

    Hi Lisa, i work in insurance.

    Yes what there looking for is a policy number and a number of years stated claims free on headed paper. send the renewal notice to them if they dont accept it (unlikely) then call your previous insurer (they will have a call center somewhere on this planet) and get them to send you the old schedule as this will definately show how many years claims free driving you have.

    Hope this helps.

  2. champer says:

    Yes, the renewal letter is acceptable, that’ll show the ncd you’ve accrued up to date of renewal.

  3. who_is_jack_shit says:

    The renewal letter will be enough.

  4. WelshLad says:

    I always send the renewal notice from my previous insurer to my new one, copy it first before sending .

  5. Sarky says:

    A renewal notice from the previous insurers or a letter.
    There is no company providing insurance which is 100% online.
    They must have "proper" offices and be contactable by phone and letter.

  6. Timbo is here says:

    Yes the renewal letter is the most common way to prove a NCB

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