What do i put in a cover letter for a Sales Advisor?

It’s for a Job i’m applying for, and it’s asking for a cover letter, what do i put in the cover letter
for a Membership Sales Advisor the job is being advertised by a gym.

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  1. kbcying says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam, Please find enclosed my application for the post of Membership Sales Advisor, Thank You, Yours Faithfully……INSERT NAME HERE…..

  2. vivyanne riggen says:

    Myself I am of the opinion that letters are excellent, assuming they are presented utilising excellent syntax and spelling (always use a spoil chequer!). You can obtain some excellent tips for creating letters by reading the site in the box below, it’s got lots of alternative info about job searching aswell.

  3. Alan says:

    Tell them why you feel you are perfect for the job. Briefly mention the experience you have that fits with the job vacancy. Tell them when you are available for interview. Mention your strengths and explain why you are applying for the post – what you can contribute? Sell yourself but dont make it into an essay. Some bullit points may be all that is needed, but be very positive and upbeat. Mention why you would like to work for that particular company. Also for interview do your homework and get as much information as you can about the company from the internet or from the job itself. It always impresses the interviewer if you know something about the company before your interview. It proves you are really interested in the company and not just attending another interview in the hope of getting a job.

  4. Derob says:

    I don’t know if cbying is serious but you should definitely NOT take that advice.

    A cover letter should be looked at as a complement to your resume or CV. It should not be a duplicate of it, nor part thereof.

    You can really make a cover letter work for you if you are smart enough. Here’s why:

    When employers ask for a cover letter, they are not doing it for the benefit of their health. They are doing it for a reason, and that is mainly to see how you conduct yourself on paper, so to speak. This exercise can evaluate your spelling and grammar talents, show your ability to put words into sentences to make meaningful paragraphs.

    They can also gauge your comprehension talents as well. So DO NOT let anyone tell you that it is not important. It is far more important than your resume.

    In a cover letter, you DO NOT start with Dear Sir or Madam. Just don’t do it. The best plan is to look at the advert and look to see if there is a person to address to, or if not, the company name. Either one will do. You start your letter off with Dear Johnson Brothers (name of the company).

    Your first para should identify the position you are applying for, where you saw the ad and when. You should also do a Reference Line with the job application name on it – centered on a line.

    The next part, and this is the most important thing you can do, is to look at everything that is required from the advert and address them all here. In other words, write to tell them you can meet the requirement for the position.

    Next para is to add a few little addtional things you are qualified for, or achievements to sweeten the pot.

    Last little para will say you are available at any time for an interview and look forward to meeting them in due course.

    If you FOLLOW these guidelines you will always get an interview. Here is the crux of it all. The company is looking for particular skills for that position. All YOU have to do is convey to them that you HAVE those skills and can do the job in question and you’ll be getting an interview.

    Do not tell them how good you are, nor start talking about stuff that is not relevant to the advert. Keep focused and keep that letter tidy and professional looking.

    Notice how this post is easy to read. It is broken up into easy-to-read paragraphs by having white space between each para. Put yours with with space alongside one that is one long block of text and yours will win every time.

    You can find a FREE DOWNLOAD of the
    Top 10 Job Cover Letter Writing Tips at

    By the way, if anyone reading this has an OBJECTIVE statement in the resume or CV – get rid of it and use a professional profile instead. I’ll try and write a free tutorial on that soon.

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