What do these D&G fragrances smell like?

I’ve seen a deal on Wowcher for Dolce & Gabana fragrances. Now I would just go to a department store for a sniff but can’t see myself getting there before this deal ends.

The two fragrances to choose from are No’ 6 Lamoreux or number 18 La Lune. Please can someone give me their description of the notes in each perfume. I.e. is there Citrus, Sandlewood, floral, sweet or fresh smells? I can’t stand sickly sweet fragrances or anything with Lavender, Sandlewood or too lemony it smells like Men’s cologne.


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  1. Dream says:

    L’Amoureux is a slightly fresh and deeply woody scent. Personally I don’t get a lot sweetness from it in the beginning but there’s a very subtle hint of sweetness under the surface. However, this doesn’t overwhelm the scent because it’s offset by the peppery spiciness. For me the dominant note is the juniper berry but in the top there’s a huge burst of sharp, citric bergamot that dissipates as the scent dries down. The dry down is a little sweeter than the start and the lack of sharpness makes the dry down more pleasant and wearable than the top.

    Official notes for the perfume are: spices, juniper berries, bergamot, pink pepper, cardamom, birch leaf, iris root, wood and musk.

    La Lune is a completely different scent from L’Amoureux. Where L’Amoureux is fresh and woody lending it a slight sense of being masculine, La Lune is very floral and heavily feminine. While La Lune opens with fruity, vaguely refreshing apple, for me this scent is dominated by a sweet tuberose teamed with an intoxicating lily note. This scent is sweeter than L’Amoureux to me but it’s a floral sweetness and not a candy kind of sweetness. In the dry down I get some woodiness from the sandalwood and a little animalic leather. As I said, it’s a very feminine floral but it’s not overwhelming like some vintage florals can be.

    Official notes for the perfume are: apple, bergamot, lily, tuberose, sandalwood, musk, iris root and leather.

    Unfortunately, the both of these scents share the same slightly poor longevity and sillage problems. When I’ve tested them I haven’t gotten more than 3 or 4 hours from them before they fade away into nothing, which is a shame.

    Considering what you’ve said about your likes and dislikes, I think you would find L’Amoureux a little too masculine for your tastes and even though the sandalwood in La Lune is subtle, it’s still present and that might cause you to dislike this one so in all honesty, I wouldn’t advise you to purchase either of these scents. Even if you can find a good deal on them, to me they’re not worth the money (especially if you don’t like them) and there are way better perfumes out there (including from D&G, like Light Blue or Pour Femme).

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