What Do Woman Like As Xmas Presents?

Okay yes I know I should know my wife enough to know what to get her but I’m stuck on ideas But to be fair she only gets me socks every year…. Anyway I want to get her something nice Because last year I got her walmart vouchers (it was last minute) and she spent it on me and our son so I felt really bad and she deserves something good this year i don’t want to get her jewerly because our kid is giving her a locket so I better not try to compete with him 😛 so what do woman want?

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11 Responses to “What Do Woman Like As Xmas Presents?”

  1. Andrew the Introvert says:

    Give it to her and be like “Yo, you smell bad.”

  2. Natasha says:

    Women like jewlery. What is her favorite animal??? Becuase sometimes you can get a necklace with that animal, like an owl or cat. Or give her some makeup. 🙂

  3. Nina says:

    A trip to the spa. That is what my dad got my mom for her xmas gift last year. She loved it. This year he planned a surprise trip for the 2 of them to Paris for New Years. XD
    I know you said no jewelry, but what about a charm bracelet to complement your son’s gift? Try getting a bracelet that matches the necklace that you can add charms to every year.

  4. Charlott says:

    Buy her a ornament, or chocolate.

  5. Adamsman says:

    A letter telling her what you love about her and then a material gift also in case she wants things also as many people do.

  6. haliaK says:

    A nice scarf or a cute pair of shoes, if she like to cook kitchen appliances like a big mixer if she likes to bake.

  7. Pauly W says:

    A pair of shoes, gift certificates/cards.

  8. Anntonet says:

    Start off with a Christmas Card, then take her out to a romantic Christmas dinner.

  9. Win says:

    love and money

  10. CharChar says:

    Nothing to use in the house, no vacuum, kitchen appliances etc. Something personal like perfume, pretty PJ’s, a pretty ring, anything that silently says “I love and appreciate you.”

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