What Do You Think About My College Essay?having To Do With My Struggles?

Throughout my years I have experienced many difficulties, which shaped me into a strong woman. I lost my dad when I was only 2 years old, my mother raised my brother and I alone, into altruistic beings we are now, without the support of anyone, until she met my step-dad 2 years later. My step-father makes large amounts of money for himself. I strongly fear that after my security check, that I have been living off of after my dad’s death are over, I won’t have the money to pay for college. I wish I had someone understand the position I am in right now, my step-father has never provided anything for us. I pay for my food, clothing, etc. My mother and I have worked together selling food, valentine’s baskets, and garage sales when we are struggling to get money. Due to My step-fathers reproaches, I went through a tough phase during my years 10-14. Because of my overweight appearance when I was 10, my classmates as well as my step-father would abuse me emotionally and mentally, I also struggled with the fact that I had a strong Mexican accent; Although my English has gotten better, I will never be ashamed of my culture or language. When I began my middle school career, my life turned upside down, attempting to cover my low self-esteem and take control over everything outside of home, I began to fight, disrespect and hanging out with wrong peers, I was introduced to alcohol and tobacco and I began to dress as if I cared less. My 9th grade year began and ended terrible, I hardly showed up to school, my GPA dropped to a .5. I went through a time of depression, and suicidal thoughts, everyone thought the worst of me, expecting me to get pregnant at the age of 15 and dropping out of school. It was the summer of my 9th grade year when I realized what really made girls be beautiful was their intelligence, independence, positive aspect. I began to dress neatly, letting go of the negatives habits and thoughts, I then asked my mom to transfer me to a new school in order for me to start fresh, my first year at Garland High school I met my assistant principle, who has helped me recover my credits for 9th grade and has helped me become a senior this year. In my junior year, I was introduced to 4 advanced classes, I met new people, and I was accepted to AVID, a college prep class, honestly I had no idea what college really was, I hardly had time to do anything outside my house, I enjoyed learning, I had finally realized there were so many things in life, I found my goal. In no way will I go back to where I started, because I will forever destroy all my accomplishments. I finally feel happy; I enjoy helping my siblings accomplish things I did not have the opportunity to accomplish. I don’t want them to go through the things I did. I fear that my friends will find out about my past, I am a different person now; I am strong yet kind, sweet and friendly. I do not want colleges to look at my GPA or class rank instead I want them to see my accomplishments throughout my 10th -12th grade to see that I do have the ability to succeed. When I am older I want to have the opportunity to become a psychologist to help children develop a confident and positive energy regardless of what life has brought them. After my career I want to adopt many children and animals in need and give them the love they all deserve. I have proved my family wrong, so far I am the only who is about to graduate and I will be one of the best succeeding Hispanics in the United States.

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