What Do You Think About This Crazy Amazon.fr Delivery Story?

After 10 days he called the delivery company to realize that his package was delivered to a wrong address, a total stranger. The delivery company apparently claimed that the vendor did not give the apartment number. The vendor sent an email with NO APOLOGIES saying that he gave the apartment number the delivery company. The delivery company called back saying : We are going to try to recoup the headphones from the wrong address so don’t worry ! My friend is like : Excuse me , but I paid these headphone as “new” I don’t want these used headphones. After 12 days he is still waiting for his headphones , that cost him 34 euros + 21 euros for the calls he made (.35/minute) almost the double of what he should have paid. No excuses, no discount , nada. Amazon.fr is still light years from the Amazon.US when it comes to customer service & guest satisfaction. What do you think??

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One Response to “What Do You Think About This Crazy Amazon.fr Delivery Story?”

  1. tehabwa says:

    That you certainly tell the story in a crazy way.
    For instance, pointing out that the vendor (who, I’m guessing, ISN’T Amazon at all) didn’t apologize for the mistake the vendor didn’t make.
    AND you assume the headphones are rightly considered “used” with NO evidence, except the fact that they were delivered to the wrong apartment.

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