What Do You Think About This Plan?

ok well basically i’ve been saving up for drivers ed, still cant afford it, i cant afford college either, i got no financial aid, so my dad wants to get me a job in his company, if i can get my own truck and get insurance, the 3 years and then 6 year discount, by the time the state says i cant be on there insurance any more, i should be saving enough on my insurance to be all set with health insurance.
basically , im starting drivers ed soon,
and we drove in empty parking lots, a while ago, and the thing is, i found it easy to park within the lines, like my estimates were perfect, but the thing is, like i found it hard to stay in the correct parking lane, which wouldnt be a problem on the road since its two lanes separate, and i found it like i wasnt sure if i was stepping on the gas or the break at first, like i would look to make sure i dont break and end up going forward………….
i want to get a truck and i mean you dont save much on a used one so i figured ill just get a new one unless i can get a deal , a good deal, on an used one,
like will i be okay on the road?
i feel so like freaked out.
i want to start the job pronto once drivers ed is done, will i be road ready (like solo driving) by then?
like i know the state will let me drive alone but will i be safe enough, personally?
i mean i wanna buy a krappy car to start, like not a 1999 with 200 thousand miles on it, but something is like 6 or 7 years old, like an 08 or 07 car, which like 50 thousand or less miles on it, because then if i bang it up , (which being a new driver, my dad said to expect that,) it wont matter and also because of ridicoulous insurance rates, i want to carry like little to nothing, like enough so they wont take my parents house if i hit some one (the way pedestrians are these days, its easy to hit one) but probably not carry like theft, i mean thats the thing , i live in a good area and nothing like that ever happened to my family, so i doubt anyone will steal my car.

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