What do you think is a good name for a discount card?

In our business lesson at college, We had to create an idea for a new business.
We’ve decided Its a mid-70s californian themed bar, and we are going to offer a discount card.
Unfortunately, we are incredibly unimaginative people, and can’t come up for a name for this discount card
Any ideas?

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3 Responses to “What do you think is a good name for a discount card?”

  1. Nik says:

    Happy Card 🙂

    and your slogan could be

    "It’s like Happy Hour, but it lasts all night!"


    "Happy Hour All Night Long with Happy Card"

  2. Liberty says:

    Inspired by 70’s slang and 70’s drinks I guess some have to be accompanied by a slogan 😀

    Love, Peace and Babycham
    Jive Turkey
    Outta Sight
    Babycham to the Man
    Peace and Pimms
    Keep on Truckin [discount drinks till 5am]

    I’d check out the websites and just combine drinks/slogans 😀

  3. pensinee f says:


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