what do you think of marks and Spencer?

my gf goes food shopping there in her words "im just getting a few things in,i think that is a dear shop but she says it is the same price for the food in asda or other shops like that
she thinks its the same price for some stuff
she will get a few things from there and does her main shopping in asda

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20 Responses to “what do you think of marks and Spencer?”

  1. suzywong says:

    i love it

  2. =3/ =#Jinglez Bellz says:

    im okay w/ it not that i go there alot!

  3. big beauty says:

    it is way more expensive as the food is higher quality and there isnt a choice in brands
    i love it there esp pasta sauces yummy

  4. fidgetyfingers says:

    No way are the prices the same as Asda. M & S are more expensive for food but it is better quality than all the rest.

  5. andi.wilding says:

    i like the chocolate tea cakes mmmmmmmmmm

    apart from that dont shop there

  6. scottmcice says:

    its alright

  7. chatty_n01 says:

    I’m pretty sure its a little more expensive.

    Maybe the basics are the same price, but they have more in the way of luxury items and less in the way of "value" items and buy one get one free deals that you get in other supermarkets.

  8. dodds the return! says:

    I cant see much difference well couple of quid but don’t like the lay out to be honest and it always seems dull as in bad lighting which makes it feel cold in there!

  9. alan w says:

    No chance Marks is the most expensive food place to shop!! You never get bad food from there its very nice. But you pay top dollar for it. It’s OK to go there for few treats etc but you would have to be rich to buy all your food shopping there.

  10. gary83 says:

    see i think its a dear shop too but is worth it. never bought anything there that i been unhappy with.

  11. Blokheed says:

    Originally Russian. Jewish Russian at that. So I say they can keep their fukcing bagels. What a stink!

  12. superduper says:

    No its a little more expensive, but well worth it. I do a shop there once a week for "just a few bits", then get my main shop at Asda. In the end you get what you pay for dont you? And you cant beat their spring greens in a cream sauce its yummy, oh yeah and their shortcake, and their swiss chocolates, and their ribbon salad, and their…………………………………………………………………………….. This could go on for a while, so Ill just go away now.

  13. z.katya says:

    it is more expensive than asda, tesco and all the rest, although to some extent, it depends what she is buying. if she is buying the essentials, bread, butter, milk, biscuits, that kind of stuff, it’s probably about the same price. but it also better quality (except for M&S bread – yuck)

  14. Ryder says:

    marks n spencer food ok well lets just say im not a fan cause they dont do heinz

  15. werewolf says:

    The shop’s ok.

  16. rosie says:

    You dont get cheap food from M&S its quality food. There are some things you just have to go out of your way for.

  17. john m says:

    I tried shopping at M&S and found the staff to be a bunch of stuck up, Snooty cows. I took great pleasure in reminding them that if they had any discerable skill or education then they would not be jumped up checkout girls.

  18. fozzed says:

    its ages since i was in an m/s,but always found them a bit stuffy and expensive and also a bit fuddy duddy with the clothes.

  19. noshoes says:

    M&S is very expensive, but the food is good quality. I love their adverts for food as they make my mouth water and I’ve promised the family that we will treat ourselves at M&S this Xmas. We went there a few days ago with all good intent to buy a few things we had seen on the ads, but to be honest I couidn’t bring myself to pay their prices. I put stuff into my basket then took it out down the next aisle. I spent £10 on a meal for just two of us! I’m not tight and I like quality, but I’m happy shopping at Asda on-line.

  20. Africa48 says:

    I love it! The clothes are great and so is the food. But you girlfriend is mistaken there is no way M&S is cheaper or the same price as Asda. M&S is food is probably more on a par with Waitrose.

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