What Do You Think Of My Education Model? Look Below In Description?

So, I’m a high schooler who thinks that the ”system” is ******, not at it’s worse, but ******. I describe my philosophy of education as very libertarian and anarchist in nature. Here’s what I would do.
– Eliminate standardized testing. The test may be too low for one’s person standards and too high for another person’s standards. Instead, I would give a personalized exam or I would allow the student to show their understanding of the curriculum by any medium etc visual art, music, powerpoint
– Would shorten the school day by an hour and a half. Students will have four periods in a row and dismissal would be at the end of 4th period
– Would allow students to voucher. If a student wants to learn something else beyond school, they can do so with the money we give them
– Would heavily limit the amount of teaching a teacher does. Everyone student is different. I know this comes off a idealist and unnecessary, but we can have a program(online) that analyzes the student’s weaknesses and strengths and give them the necessary amount of work that will challenge them. Students are also allowed to help each other, allowing for more interaction between students that are social without interrupting quieter students. The teacher, in this case, will just be a watchguard in the classroom, preventing altercations in the classroom
– make double enrollment more accessible, even though it’s personalized. Students can arrange field trips relating to the work their doing easily
– offer more incentives for academic, athletic and artistic achievements. For example , ( this comes off as idealist again) giving them opportunities to travel, paying them etc
– Make better use of technology
-make curriculum and classes more career-centered
– HN, CP, and AP levels will be irrelevant. They will be an equal mix of HN, CP and Ap level students in each class, creating a pure example of a ‘classless society’
I feel that the education system is become increasingly socialist. Not in the way that the government pays for it, but metaphorically. The factors of production( curriculum) is regulated by the community( teachers, staff) allowing barely any leeway for personalization. This is how brilliant students lose their curiosity and how special needs(speds) fail. In the end, it’s not the most efficient way of dealing with education. What do you guys think of my ideology? Be honest. It might work but we can educate students efficiently enough that the most academically inclined students could be taking Linear Algebra by senior year instead of Pre-calc/ Ap calc.
Additional question: Do you think there should be standardized testing

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