What Do You Think Of Subcutaneous Contraceptive Implants?

It seems that in England and in America already are used as contraceptives sticks to be inserted under the skin of 4 cm in diameter that release progesterone. In this way the woman stops having the cycle. you have the assurance of 99% to not become pregnant even if however there are possible side effects as you read the link.
Maybe now women will think it’s a great convenience but I am very concerned about the abuses that can take these plants. Conspiracy theorists argue that the ultimate goal for many years the world’s elite is the insertion of a microchip in the arm and the head of each person with all the information it by clinical data to the data bank. In practice, it would make it mandatory and ensure that the life of each person depends on this component (including financial transactions). So we would be controlled by this chip and if someone tried to extinguish the rebellion would be enough to chip away and this could no longer buy them do anything. In short, the final step of an Orwellian dictatorship
Now the contraceptive implants are still sticks but from here to go to the microchip I guess it takes a little. In America already offering discounts in shops to whom it is to put a microchip in your arm.
Now I wonder whatever excuse they use to convince us to what we are going to meet? we are about to permanently lose every ounce of our little humanity?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qP-w-mdt…

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