What Do You Think Of This Gaming Pc? Would You Change Anything?


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One Response to “What Do You Think Of This Gaming Pc? Would You Change Anything?”

  1. No says:

    From what I can see, it’s all good. I’m guessing you’re fairly new to this kind of thing though?
    That spec will certainly live up to todays expectations of a gaming PC, but I was just wondering you went for a cheapy DVD Drive and suspiciously low priced RAM. There’s nothing wrong with the DVD drive and the RAM, and if you’re trying to balance out your budget to the power side of things then by all means, go for it. But for me, a fast DVD drive is fairly important.
    People may dissagree with me but I don’t care. xD
    Everything is compatible, the PSU will be plentiful. Speedy CPU and GPU, good ammount of RAM for gaming. (Shut up people, 8GB is fine, unless you’re doing something extreme.)
    One question, what monitor do you plan on using?

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