What do you think of this peugeot 106 quiksilver?

i already brought this but i just want to know what people think,
worth buying? think somthing dodgy with it that i havn’t noticed? been put on ebay twice by 2 diffrent sellers but both are selling it with legit reasons. has recently passed mot in july so should be ok.

i no i dont get the in car entertainment inside the car but the looks is what i get. original interea installed.

what u think people?

Why? a big no no
how is that a wossyboy? would have to be pink car 4 that.
nice answer mad.
i not a boy racer i not into racing people or showing off to people i just like a nice looking car and i would prefer to buy one already done to how i like to spending too much on a small car. i need a small car for my job and i dont see the point in having a power full car not if you can do the speed and why pay more on insurence then need to.
i am a careful safe driver, i am diffrent sort of man to most 24 yr olds.

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7 Responses to “What do you think of this peugeot 106 quiksilver?”

  1. Dub_Station says:

    woosey boy!!!!

  2. on the wagon says:

    a great big No No

  3. madribena says:

    Very swish, but to be completely honest with you (you did ask!!) I’m not a fan of jazzed up small cars. It always seems to me that owners are trying to be something they’re not! And it does ooze boy racer!! You be careful on those roads!

  4. Paul B says:

    As you said yourself, it’s just through the MOT so it should be fine. Give it a hard drive and see if you notice anything dodgy – steering wheel alignment, brake responsiveness, clutch control on a steep hill-start, the usual stuff. Looks lethal anyway, happy motoring.

  5. marty_mcmad says:

    It’s expensive to fix if it goes tits up, and it’s french.

  6. jonmel_99 says:

    Hello there, i started doing this ages go started with a fiesta many moons ago and worked my way up the ladder: Astra GTE, pulsar gtir, sapphire cosworth and now a Mitsubishi evolution 8.In my eyes keep it simple. don’t go over board with stuff , try something new.. the trouble is with the pug there is a lot about looking the same.. same mods, same wheels. i would have bought a standard car and done the work my self cause you don’t know by buying a modded car how well the work has been done. and if it was standard when you come to sell it, will sell better in standard quicksilver form.

  7. Caryn M says:

    the 106 quicksilver is quite a solid car. no problems with it unless its been thrashed about
    should be serviced every 20.000 miles major every 40.000 t/belt at 80.000 just look for back axle noises on older models. 2001 onwards should have gti alloys as standard as they could not sell them
    it has anti roll bars on front and you would only get problems with ball joints.
    (look at tyres for abnormal wear)
    look for any damage on paint etc.
    body parts alignment
    any problems email me and I will help

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