What does a Media Sales Executive Role entail?

I am already a Sales proffesional, I have an interview with a Media web design, iPhone apps company however dont have any experience with Media Sales.

Any Info could be useful!
Sorry for the spelling mistake nice of you to pick it up writingthis at work so in a hurry.

What about Yell i know its hardcore but i never miss a target is it stupidly difficult or a really harsh enviroment?

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One Response to “What does a Media Sales Executive Role entail?”

  1. Paul H says:

    Avoid it like the plague!

    It’s a market full of people doing things in open source, for free. You’d trying to sell and show a profit selling against them. It would be a bit like taking a job and being asked to drive to another town and sell them some fresh air.

    (PS If you’re a sales professional, at least check the spelling of the word professional, as getting it wrong doesn’t look professional!!)

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