What does a sales and marketing company do?

I know sales is selling and marketing is research but what does the job actually entail?

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3 Responses to “What does a sales and marketing company do?”

  1. pitbull says:

    This depends upon what product or service they are promoting. Sales is basically that, selling. But marketing is not always research. marketing can be research, but it can also be promoting a specific brand or product. Promoting can be anything from deciding what your logo will look like to deciding who your target audience is to deciding what price your will ask for the product or service you are pushing. All of these items and many more can all fall under the umbrella of marketing. So the point I am trying to make is that a sales and marketing company can be many different things to different people. Here is another example. It can also be deciding on what your advertising campaign will look like. Yes, marketing can have sub specialities like the ones I named above.

  2. Jo W says:

    Helping clients to boost sales through effective marketing strategies.

  3. jackie m says:

    I have been doing sales & marketing for the past 15 years and basically it is telesales, those friendly people that call your home at teatime trying to sell you a new kitchen unit or double glazing or home extension etc is what sales & marketing is and it can be brain destroying and is a job you love or hate and nothing in between, you have to work to targets and if you don’t reach your target you are normally out of a job, Good Luck

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