What does Free by Redemption on a mobile phone Contract?

I had an offer through for an IPhone 5 on Wowcher & I’m a little confused, does it mean the offer price for 6 months then the actual price?

Iv added the offer below

£24.75 /m
24M Contract
Was £ 33.00

6 Months FREE by redemption

Many Thanks

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One Response to “What does Free by Redemption on a mobile phone Contract?”

  1. bubblemog says:

    It means you claim back the "6 months free" in the form of a cash back redemption.

    Basically, you pay the monthly contract each month and they will send you a form to complete in which you fill it out and send it back with copies of your bill and they will then issue you with a cheque (or bank transfer depending on the company) for the 6 months.

    The contract will be £33 per month – this is what you will actually pay. Your going to claim £198 back from them – this is the ‘6 months free’.

    £33 per month x 24 months = £792

    £792 less the £198 ‘6 months free’ cheque = £594

    £594 divided by 24 months = the £24.75 per month they are advertising it as.

    So in a nutshell, it will work out the equivalent of £24.75 per month, but you will pay £33 per month and claim £198 back after 6 months.

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