What does sales targets mean?

I have previously only had experience in retail being a sales assistant, and had an interview recently for another sales assistant position where i was asked what my experience with sales targets was, and i had no idea how to answer it. What do i say to that? what does it even mean? Anyway, i was offered another interview, but she said i had to really focus on my knowledge with sales targets

WHAT?! help! Thank youuuuuuu
Josh, i have done. Why would that not be the first thing i do? I still dont understand what im supposed to say in the interview

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2 Responses to “What does sales targets mean?”

  1. SA says:

    Sales Target, simply means the amount of sales that you have to achieve that is being set by your previous company

    For example, Sales Assistant would need to generate sales amounting $1000/weekly.

  2. DR + Mrs Bears face says:

    You are given a value of sales that you must sell per week/month.
    Or you may have to sell a number of accounts or insurance policies depending on what business you are in.

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