What does this blackberry deal mean?

On Dial-a-phone I have found a great contract deal..
The very first deal!
And i’m really confused, does that mean I only pay £14.58 a month?
when I press buy it says.. £25 a month?

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One Response to “What does this blackberry deal mean?”

  1. cannon_lab says:

    You will pay £25.00 a month but 10 months of the 24 month contract will be free. Therefore –

    24 months x £25.00 = £600.00 (total spend before discount).

    10 months free (10 x £25.00) = £250.00 (discount)

    Total spend after discount £600.00 – £250.00 = £350.00

    Over 24 months you will spend £350.00, so the effective monthly rental will be £350.00 / 24 = £14.58

    You will probably have to apply for the cash back on that deal, I doubt they will automatically give you 10 months free.

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