What Does This Guy Want?

If you make a great meal and one of the male guests comments, ‘this is so amazing. you’re ready marriage. Marry me. I love you, ‘. Also I’m 17 and this guy is 24.
Was he being serious or making a joke that I’m going to make a good housewife?
He then whispered something to his brother and they both giggled and he said to him ‘behave. She’s just a kid, you pervert’ then he said ‘no, she’s 17 now’. Later that evening, he put a slow song on and asked me to dance with him. I did and the whole time he kept staring into my eyes and smiling, and stroking my mid lower back. At the end he kissed my hand and winked at me.
Then when he was leaving, he asked me to hug him, i did, he wouldn’t let go of me for a solid 10 seconds. Then he kissed me cheek and said ‘see you later wifey’.
Like why would he do this? I doubt he likes me but everyone kept teasing me afterwards and saying ‘he wants you’ and stuff. Does he?
Ever since this day, i can’t get him out of my mind. I’m falling for him. I would even say i love him. I want him soooo badly but i think he may have just been playing my mind. But is there a chance he was being sincere. don’t know what to do know. I don’t normally get much guy attention so i was really flattered. Like really!
Update: a week ago, someone sent me a bouquet of roses and a note saying ‘to my beautiful love. I’m thinking of you. (His name) and 3xxx and a hug. Call me (his number).’ and attached an expensive looking bracelet and some gift vouchers worth £100.
I haven’t called him because i wanted your advice guys. Should I? My friend said, ‘eww he’s a perv’ when i told her but i think I’m old enough to know what I’m getting into. And he’s not that much older.
Btw, he’s really hot and built, aged 24, has a nice flash car, and has just graduated medical school. I feel like he’s the perfect man for me. The one even. I can’t let this opportunity go, would you? If he isn’t genuinely interspersed in me, what would a guy like that want from a girl of 17.

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2 Responses to “What Does This Guy Want?”

  1. Summer says:

    He sounds genuinely interested in you and he sure as hell aint scared to tell you but one thing is the age difference, its quite a lot. Especially because you’re 17. He’s 24 thats a 7 year age difference, once you’re 23 he’ll be 30, are you sure you could deal with that? At the end of the day its your decision, he seems to be flirty with you and has a genuine interest id get to know him more if i was you! 🙂

  2. PR says:

    This is a tricky one. Yes he is interested in you and finds you attractive but I’m not sure what his “end game” is. He certainly seems to be trying to impress you by sending you expensive gifts and spending money on you. I don’t know how well you have known him from before but from what you write it seems you don’t know him that well. I think that maybe he is counting on the fact that you are are wrong, a little shy and unsure of yourself and possibly not dated a lot. This sort of attention is designed to “sweep you of your feet”, dazzle you with his money and his confidence and his looks. However I detect a measure of insincerity – it seems a bit “over the top”. I am pretty sure that you would have been impressed just by the flowers. And why does he want you to call him, does he want people to think you are chasing him? If he liked you why didn’t he ask you for a date and then ask you to call him to confirm. In my opinion he sees you as just a potential conquest. In fact when he whispered to his brother he might have been saying that “He bets he could get you to have sex with him in a couple of weeks”. I do worry that is the only thing that he is after and I wouldn’t want you to get hurt. However there is a good way to see how much he likes you. Date him but remain in control. By all means kiss him, hug him but don’t let him have sex (or any type of sexual contact) for two months. Don’t stay overnight anywhere with him – make him either take you home or makes sure that you get home safely. If he is interested in you as the person you are, respects you and the fact that you don’t want to have sex straight away then he will stick with it. If his only interest is in having sex then he will try to pressure you or give up and dump you when he doesn’t get anywhere. I do hope it works out for you and that he is genuine but please go into this with your eyes open and don’t get your head turned by his money. Good luck and take care 🙂

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