What Dress Should I Buy For The Prom? (pics)?

So Im buying a short dress so people can see my killer heels. (Im all about the shoes 😀 ) The shoes are really high, thick and silver/white
Its out of these three. http://www.balldressnz.com/white-ball-go…http://www.balldressnz.com/multi-colours…http://www.balldressnz.com/discount-whit…

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5 Responses to “What Dress Should I Buy For The Prom? (pics)?”

  1. David says:

    number 2

  2. Patrizia says:

    I love the first two. The third one looks a little dated to me. But I think my favorite is the first one in the white.

  3. Dale says:

    Soo your gonna dress like a whore

  4. Sannam says:

    totally the second one, but the others are cute as well!

  5. â„°lizabet says:

    I’m thinking the second one! The first one is so pretty, but you need a little color… which the second one has. The third one looks a little ghetto to me.

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