What Else Can I Get My Boyfriend For Christmas?!?

i’ve already asked this but no one answered so here it is again.. i’ve already got him some Jeanns,Car seat covers he wanted, shower gel set, Car air freshner & some guylain chocolates, what else can i get him thats not to expensive (£10max) he’s likes cars, he’s 17, he goes to the gym, he’s fashionable & likes xbox… what can i get him? thanks!

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  1. Angela says:

    You could buy him some more chocolates. Morrisons do a big Dairy Box for £5 at the moment – you can share them then. Or maybe a gift card for Game store, Xbox live points if he goes online for gaming or something. You can even get a gift card for the Cinema which is a good idea for both of you. If you buy gift cards in Morrison’s you get 1p off a litre of fuel when you spend £10 (each £10 card bought = 1p off voucher). Morrisons do a range of gift cards even for Currys PC World and Halfords etc – see link below. Morrisons don’t do Game gift cards though. Or how about a nice key ring for his car. I know you can get name ones done like number plates in some shops or a funny one maybe. You could buy some Autoglym car cleaning stuff (they do a whole range for interior, seats, wheels etc) which I know Halfords and other car stores sell. Halfords do a range of accessories for cars ie Type S Winter car kit £4.99 was £10 – see links.
    You could maybe get some nice underwear for you that he will like – depends on the stage of your relationship – please ignore this if it doesn’t apply. Or maybe boxer shorts like Calvin Klien (depends if he likes these) or some funny design ones. George at Asda do some nice underwear in store that is not too expensive.
    Or you could buy him a Cars Calendar etc or pen maybe.
    See links below for Halfords stuff etc – hope they maybe of help.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Hannah says:

    Anyone can give him chocolates but only his girlfriend can give him the perfect ********.

  3. Mark says:

    car air freshner? How corny can you be? Get him something else besides that… something that will last more then 30 days lol

  4. Corazon says:


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