What exactly are apple TV boxes and what do they do?

Just in case anybody isn’t sure what they are, here is a link 🙂

Anyway, been considering getting my boyfriend one for christmas as he once showed interest in getting one. However, he has an internet TV, so he can get lovefilm and youtube on that (I’m not really sure what else lol, but I’m sure there are plenty of other things) so I can’t really see the point in him getting one from what I understand about apple TV’s?

They’re mainly so you can use internet on your TV right?!

But, then again, I don’t know too much about these things, so if anyone has one/knows enough to tell me the differences between that and an internet TV then that would be so much help! And what actually is an apple TV and what does it do, my understanding might not be (probably isn’t!) accurate.

I suppose he could access itunes and stuff, and it’s portable, but I can’t really think of anything else! But that’s me, I’d like to know what someone who is a bit more into these things thinks lol.

Good present?

And if anyone has one.. are they any good?

And on the off chance it helps.. he has an iphone 4 🙂

Thank you!

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One Response to “What exactly are apple TV boxes and what do they do?”

  1. ScσττRΛSC³ says:

    I think you meant he has a smartTV. If that’s the case the Apple TV wouldn’t add too much to that, depending on what features that has.

    An Apple TV for the record is a media streaming device. YouTube, Netflix, Hulu & a lot more as they have been adding to it recently. If you have a Mac computer you could also make your TV an extension of the desktop. Also if you have an iPhone/iPod touch you could play your media off it as well as mirroring the display.

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