What exactly is a sales advisor?

Let’s say it’s a clothes shop… is a sales advisor one of those people who harass you to buy things in their shop? 😛 Or are they like shop assistants, who work by the fitting rooms and help you find clothes or whatever?

Thanks! xD

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  1. Leo.Jade says:

    Sales advisors and sales assistants are pretty much the same thing. They help out in some or all tasks that are at the front of store. These include merchandising, floor walking (helping customers) answering calls and working behind the cash desk. People in the back are usually stock room assistants but they may come out and help if the shop floor is busy like at the changing rooms or something.

  2. Holly C says:

    Sales advisors are employed in a range of capacities, typically in retail outlets and call center environments. Their role is to give product advice to customers and close sales. Sales advisors are also referred to as retail salespersons, sales assistants and sales representatives. They work in a variety of industries from clothes, garden equipment and electrical goods. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employers look for those who enjoy working with others, have an interest in sales and a neat personal appearance.

  3. Joanne says:

    an advisor should by definition be able to advise you all what ever product they are selling for example im a sales advisor in a chemist my job is to advise cutomers on the right type of make up for them ,what colours suit there skin type etc hope this clears it up for you happy new year

  4. AskDeban says:


    A sales adviser is :S -soon, A -approach (you to), L- leave ,E-eagerly(to) ,S- shop (elsewhere) on the unwanted advise.

    On a serious note
    1. A sales adviser has to be a person with lots of consumer experience and must be
    able to judge a customer requirements based on observing the finer behavioral points.

    2.Companies hire sales advisers based on needs.
    a.In retailing ,exposure to merchandising, ATL/BTL techniques along with
    promotions is a must.

    b.For industrial products, technical knowledge along with customer exposure
    is extremely important.

    If you need to know more simply e-mail me at:askdeban@yahoo.co.in

    Your success is guaranteed in 2011.

  5. Fairdo4all says:

    It is not fashionable to call a spade a spade these days so all jobs now seem to have titles making them sound more than they are. For Sales Ad visor think Shop Assistant or Sales person. In a clothes shop, yes, one of those people who harass you to buy things.

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